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Critical Design

Autotopia is a critical, speculative design project created as my undergrad thesis project at Emily Carr University. Autotopia imagines a world where employment, or work, is done primarily by machines and human-based employment is virtually non-existent. Presented as primarily an online exhibition of products and narrative objects, a conscious choice to allow for accessibility by the majority of the global population, Autotopia asks a viewer-participant to willingly suspend their disbelief and imagine what sort of implications are present for a future society to have created these objects.

Each of the narrative objects presented through Autotopia are created in ways that reflect, amplify and disrupt aspects of our current ways of life. As is common with the approach of speculative design, the presentation of Autotopia leaves a lot of information out, relying on viewer engagement to fill-in the socio-political blanks of the societies that created these objects.

Autotopia was shown at The Show at Emily Carr University during June, 2016, which is the annual graduation show.

Project photography by Faber Neifer.

Date: 2016